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Education It’s A SNAP


— Ask Jake

The Slut Shuttle

This has to come to every college. (and they need to keep records of all the women that use it in a public form, with contact info)

— Jake


This little guy is the C-String.

You know when you ladies wear those little black dresses, and you really shouldn’t be showing any panty lines. But at the same time, you dont want to feel like a total slut by wearing no underwear. Just begging to be bent over for easy access at any time. Or maybe its just -12 out and you really look hot in that short dress but your lips might get chapped. The C-String is for you, now you can look easy without being “that” easy. Or worry about frostbite on both pair of lips.

Always worried about getting your delicates sun burned? Yet you still don’t want those terrible tan lines. That just scream prude, to the guy that is getting you liquored up tonight. The C-String is here to save you from that dilemma. Not only will you not have tan lines, but you will also be protecting the lips from sun burn. Lets face it, they are in for a beating tonight anyways. By that guy who pretends to drink as he hands you shot after shot.

I know what you are thinking ladies… does it vibrate? Sadly Nope.

But just think of the attention your going to be getting. That your whore/slut friends wont. When a guy sees this peaking out of the top of your pants as you bend over. He will know for sure that you demand to be treated with respect. Because you are wearing this for you and not for attention.

Or he will just think you have the craziest tampon he has ever seen.

I know, I know. Stop teasing you and give you the link already.. Here it is.

Now hurry before you’re the last one to get it and be made fun of by your loose friends. Just like you were when you were the last one to do a 3 way.


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